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DTP operates JCB in two illegal colonies, destroys DPC and the border wall on five acres

JCB from DTP team aborts construction in irregular colony.

JCB from DTP team aborts construction in irregular colony.

News2News.in News. Repetition:The DTP team took action against illegal colonies again on Friday. In this action, the DTP team demolished constructions in colonies developed on approximately 5 hectares of land in two locations. Due to the presence of the police, there was no resistance to the actions of the DTP. This action caused a stir among people building in illegal colonies.

On Friday, a team from the department arrived at Delhi Road for the first time with JCB under the direction of DTP Mandeep Sihag. There the construction of the colony, which was developed on 3 hectares of land, was destroyed. On this property 14 DPC and 3 perimeter walls were excavated with JCB machines. After that, the DTP team reached the Budani revenue cap on Ramgarh Road. There the team destroyed 4 DPCs built on 2 acres. The RCC piles erected after cutting the property were also uprooted. Due to the presence of police forces, the builders could not muster the courage to oppose the DTP’s action. The DTP team can also perform sabotage actions in some other colonies.

The traders do not abandon the conspiracy

Real estate agents and colonizers are taking full advantage of the state government’s announcement that it will legalize irregular colonies. These people assure people that the colony will soon be legalized and successfully sell land at exorbitant prices. After that, when the buyers start building on the lots, the DTP team spoils their desires. Because of this, people who buy land in unregulated colonies face a double loss.

A plotting game takes place in many places

Even at this time, many real estate agents are doing illegal conspiracy work while misleading people. Last year many buildings near Budhpur on Bareilly Road were demolished by DTP team. Destroyed structures were rebuilt. There is a lot of construction going on along this road. In many places, construction takes place overnight. Construction work is also being carried out in controlled areas on Bawal and Bolni Road. The effect of DTP does not have a significant impact on traders’ health.

Buy property only after information

DTP Mandeep Sihag says that building without a permit in the controlled area will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Individuals buying land should first visit the DTP office to inquire about colony regularization. You should not be fooled by real estate agents. He said wherever illegal colonies were being developed, the ministry would not hesitate to take action to destroy them.

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