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Dog Spaying: Fearing fraud in dog spaying, people demanded an investigation

Dog spaying: fearing fraud in dog spaying, people demanded an investigation - news2news. In

Bahadurgarh. Local residents debate statistics on dog spaying.

Bahadurgarh. Local residents debate statistics on dog spaying.

Bahadurgarh. Questions are being raised about the city council’s figures on sterilization. People can’t get the talk of sterilizing 1,580 by spending more than Rs.23,000 in two years. In this case fraud is suspected. Therefore, the demand for investigations is raised. If the investigation is not completed, there is talk of knocking on the court’s door on the matter.

In fact, the number of stray in the area is steadily increasing. In view of this, the tender for the sterilization of was abandoned in the last term of the city council. One organization had accepted this tender. Doubts about the sterilization of dinghies and arose in people’s minds. Lekhraj Yadav, a resident of Shankar Garden, Linepar, sought information on the matter through RTI. Response came recently, revealing that the Guardian of Angels Trust had been commissioned to spay stray dogs. The amount of sterilization was set at 23 lakh 14,700 rupees. 1580 dogs were sterilized in 2020-21 and 2021-22. These numbers are now being questioned. Bhakiyu (A) District President Praveen Dalal says the figures the Trust gave to the City Council have been accepted as correct. The data check is also done on paper. The dogs were not marked during sterilization. This work was also not carried out properly. The number of dogs has steadily increased. If so many dogs have been spayed, how is the number steadily increasing? Obviously, the public’s hard-earned cash is being plundered through the distribution of the mill. RTI activist Lekhraj Yadav said there is a possibility of fraud in sterilizing dogs. The government should investigate this matter. If the investigation does not take place, they will turn to the court. Vedpal Dhaka, Ramesh, Pravesh Dalal, Atar Singh, Pradeep, Jai Singh Rana, Jagdish etc were present on the occasion.

Chairman Saroj Ramesh Rathi said these tenders took place during the city council’s previous term. We had complained to the government as soon as we became aware of the matter. The government has been asked to conduct a vigilance inquiry into the matter.

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