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District government bulldozers drove towards the home of gangster Binder Gurjar, notorious gangster Binder Bhondsi was in jail

The county government’s bulldozer drives towards the gangster’s house.

The county government’s bulldozer drives towards the gangster’s house.

Gurugram, January 21: The district administration, along with a strong police presence, fired a bulldozer at the home of gangster Binder Gurjar. The Police Administration demolished a property (building) called Dairy near Pataudi Chowk Gurugram Police Station of Binder Gurjar, who was charged with 29 counts of murder, attempted murder, robbery, fraud and gang rape. The notorious gangster Binder is currently in Bhondsi prison. Binder was arrested by police in October 2019 while asking for votes for an independent candidate. The police then arrested him and put him behind bars. After that he never got out of prison. Gadauli’s relatives had also accused Binder of colluding with the police when they met Sandeep Gadauli. As a result, the Mumbai police also interrogated Binder in prison.

Former councilor Binder Gurjar was involved in gang warfare for a decade

Former councilor Binder Gurjar remained synonymous with gang warfare for nearly a decade. Earlier there was an altercation between Binder Gurjar’s Sandeep Gadauli and gangster Kaushal. Binder Gurjar was accused of murdering real estate agent Rajeev Shetty aka Raju. Apart from that, Binder was also accused of duping the police in the encounter with Sandeep Gadoli. Earlier, Binder’s brother Manish was shot dead. Binder Gurjar was also shot during the corporate election campaign. In which Binder was hit by three bullets. But even after this attack he was saved. Apart from that, Binder’s nephew Ashok was also gunned down in the gang war. While Binder Gurjar was also accused of attacking Manish Khurana, a close associate of Sandeep Gadauli, in Arjun Nagar.

It was difficult to solicit votes for an independent candidate

During the general election, Binder Gurjar was overshadowed by the search for votes in favor of an independent candidate. While soliciting votes for an independent candidate for the assembly’s seat in Gurgaon, gangster Binder Gurjar struggled to target the government during the meeting. As a precaution, Gurgaon Police arrested Binder and took him to Bhondsi Prison on suspicion of disturbing the peace.

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