Dengue outbreak in Bhiwani: 444 homeowners notified after larvae found


Dengue outbreak in Bhiwani: 444 homeowners notified after larvae found

The health department team checks for mosquito larvae by looking into the water tank.

The health department team examines mosquito larvae by looking into the water tank.

Bhiwani: The pain of dengue fever is getting sharper day by day. So far, 24 people have contracted dengue bite in the district and are being treated in government and private hospitals. At the same time, the health department has launched a campaign to search for dengue larvae, under which notices have so far been served on landlords of 444 houses after larvae were found in the water tanks and other sources of water accumulation. If the landlord does not make improvements afterwards, action will be taken against him. The health department is currently busy with fogging to destroy dengue and other mosquitoes.

According to the information, the number of dengue patients increased from 16 to 24 in the last week. Due to the sudden increase in numbers, the health department also feels helpless. The department has intensified the campaign to detect larvae in houses. The department’s teams are continuously conducting a campaign to search for mosquito larvae in different parts of the city outside the villages. Similarly, the department also launched a campaign in rural areas and informed people about the measures to prevent dengue so that people can be saved from dengue. At the same time, the department set up a separate ward in the hospital for people infected with dengue and also put doctors on duty. This means that dengue patients can be admitted immediately for treatment if necessary. Additional staff were also hired for this purpose.

Mosquito larvae found in 444 houses

As part of the campaign carried out by the Health Ministry team so far, mosquito larvae have been found in 444 houses. In the houses where larvae were found, the larvae were immediately destroyed. They were also instructed to prevent water from accumulating in freezer trays, water coolers, tanks and old tires. Water has been collecting in these things for several days. Mosquito larvae can multiply there. In such a situation, mosquito larvae should under no circumstances enter. During this time, the team appealed to the population to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and asked that water should not be allowed to accumulate anywhere. Because mosquitoes lay eggs on the water, which increases their numbers.

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