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Bee Keeping: Up to 85 percent assistance for beekeepers, avail benefits like this

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Rohtak : Deputy Commissioner Capt. Shakti Singh has called upon the farmers to adopt beekeeping as an allied business of agriculture. Beekeeping helps in increasing the income of the farmers. Capt Shakti Singh said that apart from being the best friend of mankind, the small bee has contributed immensely to the development of nature. Bee produces sweet and nutritious food item i.e. . Pollination by bees is very important in litchi, lemon, species fruits, guava, plum, peach, apple etc. and other pulses and oilseed crops. It has also been found from the tests that the crop which is produced after cross-pollination, those grains have good weight and nutritional value. It is clear from this that bees not only produce but also help in the prosperity of farmers by increasing the yield of crops.

Deputy Commissioner Captain Shakti Singh informed that with the aim of promoting beekeeping, the government has also implemented the scheme of subsidy and grant. The government has taken many steps in the interest of beekeepers. Provision has been made to release up to 85 percent assistance for beekeepers. A provision of 85 percent subsidy has been made on the purchase of bee boxes from Bee Center Ramnagar, Kurukshetra. The maximum limit of boxes for grant has been fixed at 50. He said that a provision of 75 percent subsidy has been made on beekeeping implements like honey processing, bottling and honey tasting.

Captain Shakti Singh said that under the NBHM scheme, 50 to 75 percent subsidy is given on custom hiring centres, bee equipments and testing labs etc. At present, provision of top-up subsidy has also been made in the items of MIDH. Under the NBHM scheme, a provision of 50 to 75 percent subsidy has been made on honey processing unit, cold storage, collection, trade and distribution of honey products etc. To take advantage of the scheme, application can be made on the website www.hortharyana.com. Apart from this, you can contact the District Horticulture Officer for more information.

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