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Bahadurgarh: Controversy over electoral roll reached Bar Council, Lawyers’ votes down compared to last election

Bahadurgarh. Election posters stick in front of the bar associations.

Bahadurgarh. Election posters stick in front of the bar associations.

Bahadurgarh. The bugle has sounded for the annual elections at the Bahadurgarh Bar Association. Elections for five offices will take place on December 16th. The result will be announced on the same day. But even before the formal start of the elections, a legal dispute broke out between the two supporter groups. Attorney Vikram Chhillar appealed to the Punjab and Bar Council on several issues including the electoral roll. They got some relief too. The voter list with 613 supporters is currently available to the association. In the last election, 660 supporters were eligible to vote.

Indeed, the Returning Officer (RO) and Deputy Returning Officer (ARO) have been selected for the Bahadurgarh Bar Association annual election. Whereas on December 16th elections will be held for the offices of Pradhan, Up-Pradhan, Treasurer, Secretary and Joint Secretary. The results of the elections will be announced in the evening. Potential candidates have also started campaigning. However, the timetable for elections to various offices will be published shortly.

Vikram has mastered the challenge

Attorney Vikram Chhillar filed a petition with the Punjab and Bar Council on November 10, 2022. He argued that the General Assembly of the Bar Association had not yet been held and the electoral roll had not been drawn up. Questions were also raised about the non-appointment of the election officer. While the electoral roll should be prepared by October 7th, 2022 and the membership fee should be collected by October 31st.

election committee formed

However, the President’s and Secretary’s responses informed that, in accordance with the decision taken at the November 7, 2022 meeting, the Elections Committee was formed. At the same time, Surendra Lohchab was appointed Chief Electoral Officer. While Dinesh Goyal, Sanjeev Rathi, Krishna Yadav and Pradeep Kadian were appointed deputy election officials.

made two more AROs

After hearing lawyer Vikram Chhillar’s arguments in this regard, the Punjab and Bar Council has also appointed Saheb Singh Dalal and Panna Lal as deputy electoral officers. At the same time, on November 15, an order was issued to make the color photocopy of the Bar Association’s membership register available to Vikram Chillar’s attorney.

You won last time

Say that in 2021, out of a total of 660 votes, 594 votes were cast. Bijendra Rathi Pradhan, Rajdeep Chhillar Secretary, Chand June Deputy Pradhan, Taruna Verma Co-Secretary and Mohit Deshwal emerged victorious as Treasurer and Librarian. While in 2020 503 lawyers voted. Bijendra Rathi at the post of director, Sunit Sangwan at the post of deputy director, Rajdeep Chhillar at the post of secretary, Saurabh Dagar at the post of co-secretary, Jitendra Rathi at the post of treasurer and librarian were declared winners.

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