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Ambala got Rs 100 crore gift for ring road ahead of Republic Day

Haryana’s Home and Health Minister Anil Vij

Haryana’s Home and Health Minister Anil Vij

Ambala: Thanks to Haryana’s Home and Health Minister Anil Vij, Ambala has received a Rs 100 crore gift ahead of Republic Day. Home Minister Anil Vij said an amount of Rs 100 crore has been released by the state government to the farmers whose land has been purchased for the Ambala ring road project.

Interior Minister Anil Vij said that this amount would be transferred to farmers’ accounts very soon. Earlier, also in August, more than Rs 100 crore was transferred to the accounts of farmers in different villages. Anil Vij said that in the first phase 18 km by the National Highway Authority for the construction of the ring road. Tenders have also been awarded for the construction of a long bypass road and work on it will begin shortly.

It can be noted that about 655 acres of land were purchased for the construction of the ring road and about Rs 340 crore should be paid into the farmers’ accounts. Half of the amount is to be raised by the center and the other half by the state government. An amount of Rs 100 crore each has been allocated for the land acquisition so far by the central and state governments. Now only an amount of Rs 70 crore needs to be allocated by the state government.

In the first phase 18 km. Road construction will begin in March

In the first phase of the ring road construction work, construction of the 18-kilometer road will begin in March this year. The National Highway Authority issued tenders for the construction work. Similarly, in the second phase, a 22-kilometer road will be built, which will also soon be tendered by the Road Transport Authority.

The ring road will function as a bypass in Ambala, no need to enter the city: Vij

Interior Minister Anil Vij said the 40km ring road will act as a bypass around Ambala. Motorists will be able to leave the ring road without entering the city and this will also ease the pressure of vehicles in the city. This bypass will also serve to connect six major highways. Vehicles coming from Jagadhri take Chandigarh Road without entering the city and take GT Road to Ludhiana. If you want to go to Hisar, you can also go to Hisar Road directly from the ring road. The bypass is currently being expanded to four lanes, but the country is occupied up to six lanes, so future expansion of the road will not pose a problem.

Key points of the ring road project

The 40-kilometre bypass will have four lanes

885 million rupees will be spent on the construction of the ring road

2 big bridges on the ring road will be built in two places on the Tangri River

Two small bridges will be built on the ring road

2 railway overpasses and 3 overpasses will be built on the road

A total of 655 acres of land was acquired for road construction in 30 villages, of which 3 villages are from Punjab.

The ring road will connect 6 motorways

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