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MCD Mayor Election: Delhi will get mayor today or there will be ruckus, strict security arrangements made

Delhi will get a mayor today or else there will be a ruckus.

Delhi will get a mayor today or else there will be a ruckus.

MCD Mayor Election: Elections for the post of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and six members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will be held again today at the Civic Center of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and the people of Delhi will have a special eye on the swearing-in before this election. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi administration has made elaborate security arrangements inside and outside the auditorium so that there is no commotion again this time.

Let us tell you that before the elections on the said posts on January 6, the swearing-in ceremony had started as per the rules and the members of the Aam Aadmi Party started a ruckus by saying that first the councilors elected by the public are administered the oath while later the alderman Means the members nominated by LG.

At the same time, it was told that the presiding officer appointed by the LG can administer oath to any member at his discretion. First there was an argument about this matter and then a huge uproar started. Due to lifting of chairs, fighting etc., the meeting had to be postponed for some time and then the presiding officer wanted to start the meeting but the members did not agree, then the meeting was postponed to the next date.

Relatives, workers are not allowed to go to the House

Tight security arrangements have been made at the Civic Center today for the swearing-in and election of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and 6 members of the Standing Committee, along with strictness regarding the entry of the media. Civil defense personnel and private company security personnel were being trained for various situations to be deployed as security personnel at the Civic Center on Monday ahead of the elections to be held on Tuesday. During this, around 60 civil defense personnel were seen near the auditorium. It was told that civil defense personnel would be present in the auditorium and the corporation’s security personnel would man their front on the first floor. During this, it was told that the relatives and workers accompanying the corporators would not be allowed to reach the House auditorium.

Mayor election is between AAP and BJP

Let us tell you that Shelly Oberoi (AAP) and Rekha Gupta (BJP) are contesting for the post of Mayor and Ale Mohammad Iqbal (AAP) and Kamal Bagdi (BJP) are contesting for the post of Deputy Mayor. Besides the mayor and deputy mayor, six members of the MCD’s standing committee are also likely to be elected during the House meeting on January 24. Let us inform that by winning 134 wards out of 250 wards, AAP ended the 15-year rule of BJP in MCD. Whereas, BJP won in 104 wards, Congress in nine and independent candidates in three.

One corporation made of three corporations in 2022

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi was formed in April 1958 and its mayor had influential powers till 2012. In 2012, the corporation was split into three separate municipal corporations, each with its own mayor, but in 2022, the Center decided to create North Delhi Municipal Corporation (104 wards), South Delhi Municipal Corporation (104 wards) and East Delhi Municipal Corporation (104 wards). 64 wards) were merged. However, the number of wards was reduced from 272 to 250 in this. In this way, after the election of the mayor, the whole of Delhi will have a mayor after 10 years.

You BJP should decide that there should be no dispute in the election process.

Former North Delhi mayor Jai Prakash said time was running out and the AAP and the BJP should ensure that the swearing-in of councilors and nominated members and the election of mayor and deputy mayor are held simultaneously. The election of the mayor would have been done in the first meeting of the house itself but it is unfortunate that it could not happen last time due to the uproar. I hope the process goes smoothly on Tuesday.

Aruna Asaf Ali was the first mayor of Delhi

Former BJP Mayor Jai Prakash said that it is a matter of great fortune for the people of Delhi that the entire city will now again have a mayor. He said that Aruna Asaf Ali was the first mayor of Delhi and Rajni Abbi was the last mayor before MCD was divided into three parts till 2012 and after 10 years there will again be a woman mayor, it is a great fortune for the city as well as the person. It is a matter of who will become the mayor of Delhi.

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