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Delhi News: Ban on flying drones in Delhi till February 15, action will be taken on breaking the rules, know what is the reason?

Flying of drones banned in Delhi till February 15.

Flying of drones banned in Delhi till February 15.

Delhi News: Delhi Police has banned flying drones and paragliding etc. till February 15 keeping in mind the security. This ban is applicable in Delhi from January 18, which will remain in force till February 15. Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora has issued an order regarding this. According to which, this decision has been taken due to security reasons before the Republic Day in Delhi.

The Delhi Police, in its order, said it banned flying of drones and paragliding in the national capital due to security reasons. Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora bans flying of aerial vehicles like para-gliders, para-motors, hang-gliders, UAVs, microlight aircraft, remotely piloted aircraft, hot air balloons, small powered aircraft till February 15. Have planted

In this regard, Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora said that some criminal or anti-social elements and terrorists may pose a threat to the security of the general public and important establishments by using sub-conventional aerial platforms like para-gliders, para-gliders. The Delhi Police Commissioner has invoked his powers under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code for the ban. With this, he warned that anyone violating this would be punishable under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

In Delhi, this ban has come into effect from January 18. Along with this, it will be applicable for a period of 29 days. This means that this ban will remain in force till February 15. On the other hand, DCP Sagar Singh Kalsi of North Delhi told that on January 26, checking and patrolling have been started regarding security. On Monday, the Delhi Police is going to hotels, guest houses and cinema halls to investigate. He said that people have been questioned and security has been strengthened in the markets as well.

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