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AAP’s campaign vehicle will show you the garbage mountains of BJP

New Delhi. Adopting a unique way of campaigning for the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has sent campaign vehicles carrying mountains of garbage among the people of Delhi on Friday. AAP’s Delhi state convenor Gopal Rai flagged off these campaign vehicles. Rai said that the biggest achievement of the BJP’s 15-year rule is that Delhi will see three garbage mountains through these vehicles. The car of the mountain of garbage in Delhi will roam from place to place and expose the 15 years of BJP’s rule. There is an appeal to the people that if you want garbage then vote for BJP and if you want cleanliness then vote for AAP. In the first phase, AAP has fielded 35 campaign vehicles on Friday.

Voices are being raised all over Delhi that this time the government should be changed in MCD.

Gopal Rai and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak started the important campaign for the MCD elections from the party headquarters. During this, Gopal Rai said that the discussions about the MCD elections inside Delhi have intensified. Voices are being raised from all over Delhi that this time the garbage government of BJP of 15 years in MCD should be replaced. Whole Delhi is gathering for this. AAP has fielded full 250 candidates for this. Those who have intensified their campaign through pad yatra, public dialogue in the area. From today, Delhi will see three mountains of garbage, which is considered as the biggest achievement of BJP in 15 years.

The car of the mountain of garbage will roam from place to place in Delhi. Will remind the people of Delhi that in 15 years, the BJP government has only littered the national capital, it has to be changed. He said that in the last 15 years of BJP’s rule, there is no street left from which they have not recovered. In such a situation, the entire BJP is surrounded by corruption. Whole Delhi is asking what you did in 15 years. He has no answer for this. BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra is saying in response that we have done a sting. Whereas the people of Delhi are saying that answer for your 15 years of misrule. That’s why Delhi is looking for change. It is going to bring about a change in Delhi by a huge margin.

AAP’s campaign vehicles will expose the 15 years of BJP’s rule

Rai said that there is Kejriwal government with full power in Delhi which is working on electricity, water, schools, hospitals. Arvind Kejriwal ji’s government is going to be formed in MCD also. In such a situation, there is an appeal to the people of Delhi to send your councilor candidates from their respective constituencies by making them win with a huge majority, so that better work can be done in those constituencies. May your area also shine. In such a way, from today onwards, the garbage campaign vehicles will roam all over Delhi. Will go to every place to expose the 15 years of BJP’s rule.

BJP sealed the DDC office in a fit of rage

Gopal Rai told that the Delhi Dialogue and Development Commission has executed many schemes of Delhi. It is the result of BJP’s fury that orders were given to seal the office of Jasmin Shah by making baseless allegations that she is also the spokesperson of Aam Aadmi Party. Sambit Patra is the spokesperson of BJP and the chairman of ITDC, his office is not sealed. This is showing that the BJP is in complete panic. He is not able to understand anything. The people of Delhi are asking the BJP what you did in 15 years. He is saying that the office of Jasmin Shah, who made excellent plans for the people of Delhi, was sealed. I want to tell BJP that you can say anything to the media. When you go to the streets to ask for votes from the people, then they will have to answer what work has been done in 15 years. The public will take account of 15 years from the BJP and will also settle it.

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