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AAP star campaigners enter MCD election campaign, held public dialogue in 60 areas of Delhi

New Delhi. The star campaigner of Aam Aadmi Party has entered the MCD campaign since Wednesday. Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, Delhi State Convenor Gopal Rai, MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj, Durgesh Pathak, Mahabal Mishra and many star campaigners did public dialogue in 60 areas of Delhi. Raising slogans in support of AAP, the local public said that Kejriwal’s councilor is needed in every ward. The Aam Aadmi Party says that if by mistake he becomes a BJP councilor in a ward, he will only keep fighting and will not do any work. With the support of the public, Kejriwal’s government is being formed in MCD, if Kejriwal’s councilor is there in every ward, then the work will be done faster. In the guise of abusing Kejriwal, BJP avoids giving account of its 15 years of work.

The Aam Aadmi Party is sending the same message to every area of ​​Delhi that on December 4 the broom button has to be pressed, Kejriwal’s government has to be brought in the MCD as well. AAP is working to deliver Kejriwal’s 10 guarantees for MCD door-to-door through public meetings. Through public dialogue, padyatra, door-to-door campaign, ‘AAP leaders and workers are conveying this message to the people that whatever responsibilities the people of Delhi have given to Arvind Kejriwal, he has fulfilled them very well. Every person in Delhi knows that ever since Kejriwal’s government came to power in Delhi, a lot of work has been done like electricity, water, schools, hospitals, free pilgrimage etc. for the elderly.

On the other hand, people have been giving chance to BJP to work in MCD for 15 years but whole Delhi knows that BJP has not done a single thing. On the contrary, BJP has reduced Delhi to garbage. Made the capital of the country the capital of garbage. In such a situation, if there will be Kejriwal government in MCD also and there will be Kejriwal’s councilor in every ward, then work will be done faster in MCD too. The Aam Aadmi Party says that it does politics of work, seeks votes on the basis of the work it has done. Whereas BJP is running away from giving the account of its 15 years and hence it is doing politics of defaming Kejriwal.

AAP begins campaign for second phase

AAP has started the second phase of MCD election campaign from Wednesday. AAP will hold 1000 street meetings till December 2, that is, before the end of the election campaign. Participating in this, AAP’s star campaigners have descended on the crossroads of Delhi. Today, on the first day, AAP star campaigners held public dialogues in 60 areas of Delhi. Apart from this, you are going to speed up the election campaign through buzz campaign. It will include activities like guitar show, magic show, dance for democracy etc. Everyday, you discuss the problems of the people by holding public dialogues in different areas of Delhi. Padyatras and door-to-door campaigns are also done everyday. Each worker of AAP will go among the people and convey this message that Arvind Kejriwal’s government is going to be formed in MCD with the support of the people of Delhi. In such a situation, if by mistake he becomes a BJP councilor in a ward, he will not allow any public work to be done to defame Kejriwal. That’s why it is necessary that there should be an AAP councilor in every ward, so that all public works can be done quickly.

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