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There will be partial reshuffle in the executive of Raipur city district, preparation to announce in the first week of February

Raipur: After becoming the new president of Raipur city district, till now Jayanti Patel has not been able to announce its executive. Now the exercise has been started to make the executive committee. Only partial changes will be made in this. After the reshuffle, the executive committee will be announced in the first week of February. By the way, still the executive has not been formed in more than half a dozen districts in the state.

After the change in the state organization, the new state president Arun Saw had appointed presidents of five new districts along with changing the presidents of 8 old districts before Diwali. Prior to this, presidents were changed in four fronts as well. Everyone was asked to form the executive committee as soon as possible. After fixing the deadline several times, it was decided in the meeting of state office bearers held in Rajnandgaon in the new year that all the appointments have to be made before the working committee to be held in Surguja. The executive committee of all the fronts has been announced, but still the executive committee of many districts is stuck.

There will be no major reshuffle in Raipur’s executive

Most importantly, the executive committee of Raipur city district has not been decided yet. Regarding this, it has now been decided that there will not be much reshuffle in the old executive and only those people who are not able to work due to any reason will be replaced by other office bearers. President Jayanti Patel says, no major change in the executive or the work of changing the entire executive was being done, partial reshuffle will be announced by the executive in the first week of next month. He says, the deadline was fixed for him, who is making the whole executive new.

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