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There was a competition to break the chairs in the festival: there was dancing and singing on the stage, the officers and policemen kept dancing, some youths were breaking the chairs in the audience gallery.

Ravikant Singh Rajput / Korea. Mischievous elements ransacked the Jhumka Water Festival being organized for the first time in Korea district of Chhattisgarh last night. On the other side, the singers were playing tunes on the stage, and on the other hand, there was a competition to break more chairs in the audience gallery. After the program was over, when people left from there, the venue looked like a battlefield.

Who saw the money for about 700 chairs broken by anti-social elements during the programme, is now the concern of the tent owners. He said that the entire administration was dancing to Sukhbir’s songs, so what was the police doing, which could not take action against any anti-social elements even after breaking so many chairs. Now who will pay for these broken chairs, this big question is arising.

The audience was swaying to the Bhagda songs of Bollywood singer Sukhbir Singh in the festival. Sukhbir’s visitors were singing and dancing with the enthusiasm of the gallery, while on the other hand, the anti-social elements involved in the visitors’ gallery were fiercely breaking the chairs. It is believed that the anti-social elements had come to break the chair of the audience gallery, not to enjoy the festival. When people started leaving after the program was over, the venue looked as if a war had taken place here.

Even the soldiers engaged in security could not stop the vandalism

Even the security personnel could not stop the vandalism happening during the programme, they were also enjoying Sukhbir’s songs. This vandalism has raised questions of security at the venue. People believe that due to this carelessness, anti-social elements can carry out any major incident.Watch the video ….

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