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Rashtriya Sah Sarkaryavah Mukund said – Youths are also coming forward to stop religious conversion

Raipur: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Raipur metropolitan branch organized Rashtra Chetna Sangam program in capital Raipur on Sunday. In this, as the main speaker, National Co-Sarkaryavah Mukund CR said, Hindu society has to be organized and awakened. RSS people are working in every field. In villages where religious conversions are taking place, even if there are no RSS volunteers, youths from the villages are trying to stop it.

Mr. Mukund said, today the work of transformation in the field of society is going on in the country. Our people are working in every field including economic, security, ideological field, harmony, cow service, environment. Work is being done to bring change in the society. Work is being done to awaken the Hindu society. Everyone is also engaged to stop the conversion. The young generation of the country is also understanding this, that’s why youths are raising their voice against religious conversion in the villages. He said, it is also the responsibility of all of us to protect the traditions. In our tradition, service is done selflessly. Such traditions are there in every society, creed and community. Life is important in the society, rules can change but values ​​cannot change. The method of worship may be different, but the values ​​of life do not change. Tribal tradition may be Vedic or non-Vedic, sects and sects may be different, but the value is the same for the whole of India.

family teaches manners

Mr. Mukund said, it is a matter of concern that there should be a change in education. Sangh’s vision is not only school college education, it is of importance, learn maths, science but great education also comes from family and society. The family teaches values, the environment in the community also teaches. Sangh has also started efforts in the field of family education. It is told that the values ​​inherited from the ancestors should be followed. It is the responsibility of all of us to protect the traditions.

Society is safe by protecting religion: Mangaldas Thakur

Presiding over, Mangaldas Thakur said, God resides in every particle and every vein of India. Some people have been working to spoil the environment of India for the last few years. Many foreign forces came to this country, leaving the ancient path, they propagated themselves. Propagated foreign religion, the number of Hindus started decreasing. Tribal kings also ruled many regions across the country, competing with foreign powers. Rani Durgavati made sacrifices, there is a need to take inspiration from her. He said that religious conversions are taking place in Bastar, on the basis of money, religious conversions are also taking place in backward societies. A conspiracy is being hatched to weaken the Hindu religion in India. Today we all need to be aware.

Raman Singh in the audience gallery

Rashtra Chetna Sangam is being organized by RSS in every state of the country. In this series, this event is being organized in all the districts of the state. This event has been organized in many districts, while it is yet to be organized in many districts. This event was organized at the FCI ground near Mandi Gate in the capital Raipur on Sunday. A large number of volunteers arrived in uniform in this. Not only this, the relatives of the volunteers also came for the first time in the RSS programme. This event was organized in the form of Kuntub Sammelan. Former BJP ministers and leaders also joined the volunteers who reached in thousands. Former Chief Minister of the state Dr. Raman Singh and his son former MP Abhishek Singh were also seen in the audience gallery.

BJP leaders also in uniform

Many state BJP leaders are also associated with the RSS. In such a situation, Raipur MP Sunil Soni, Brijmohan Agarwal, former state minister Rajesh Munat, BJP leader Chhagan Mundra, Srichand Sundarani, Dinesh Sundarani, Sanjay Srivastava, Kedar Gupta, Salim Raj, Labhchand Bafna and many other leaders arrived in uniform and joined the RSS. Listened to the speeches of the leaders.

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