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Police kind to the rapist: Threatened the married woman and kept playing with Asmat, made a video and sent it to others after blackmailing.. Sitting outside the SP office with the family for justice

Police kind to the rapist: threatened the married woman and kept playing with asmat, made a video and sent it to others after blackmailing.. Sitting outside the sp office with the family for justice - news2news. In

Bhojraj Sahu-. In Chhattisgarh’s Dhamtari district, a heart-wrenching incident of a domineering youth of the village has come to the fore. A family is so much victimized, humiliated and terrorized by the bullies that the husband and wife along with their child sat on a dharna in front of the Dhamtari SP office.

According to the information received about this incident which has put the civilized society to shame, a married woman was sexually assaulted by a domineering youth of the village. Not only this, he also made a video of his act and continued the process of sexual exploitation by blackmailing the girl under its guise. According to the victim, the young man is so evil that he has sent the video to many other people as well. The dam of patience of the young woman finally burst while facing the miscreants of the young man, public shame and threats. He is now determined to get the young man punished for his misdeeds.

Questions raised on the attitude of Kurud

The girl was disappointed even from the shoulders on which the government has entrusted the responsibility of protecting the victims and the exploited in the society. The victim is a resident of Kurud station area of ​​Dhamtari district. He narrated his past to the Kurud and demanded action. But at first the kept on refusing, but on reaching the police station many times, the police performed the formalities of registering the FIR, but the action did not progress even an iota. On the contrary, the victim’s troubles increased. The accused is openly roaming in the village threatening the victim.

Sitting on dharna leaving the veil of public shame

Once again when the dam of his patience broke, he decided to lift the veil of public shame and hit the road for justice. On Friday, the victim along with her husband and child reached the SP office. He didn’t get a satisfactory answer from there too, so he staged a sit-in outside the SP office. You can imagine what must be going on her husband. But he also started expressing his anger against the attitude of the police in the form of slogans. He started raising slogans against the Kurud police outside the SP office. Seeing the ruckus outside, the officers must have lost their sleep, and they sent the orderly to call the victim and her husband inside. According to the victim, sir has assured action.

The victim’s past is heart-wrenching

In fact, the woman sitting on dharna with her husband and child is a resident of Kurud police station area. The woman alleges that the accused Jai Lahre, a resident of the village, kept raping her. During forcible physical relations, he also made a video of her without her knowledge. He used to blackmail by threatening to make that video viral. According to the victim, on protesting, the accused also thrashed her badly. The victim says that Jai Lahre made the video viral with the intention of defaming her, due to which she had to take suicidal steps due to the fear of defamation. But he was saved. The victim’s husband told that even after complaining against the accused, the police is not taking any action. Watch the video-

FIR was written but…

Although the police wrote an FIR after visiting the police station for several days, but due to political patronage, the accused was arrested. Here in the village, the accused is openly threatening them. Due to which his family is not able to go to his village. The victim and her husband have demanded immediate action against the accused from the top police officers. On the other hand, in view of the seriousness of the matter, the police officers have given instructions to the Kurud police to arrest the accused immediately. Watch the video-

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