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Naxalites again killed one: Alleged informer on January 11 airstrike, said- used to convey information about bases to police

Ganesh Mishra / Bijapur. In Chhattisgarh’s Naxalgarh Bastar, Naxalites have once again executed their cowardly act. Before January 26, the Maoists had killed a youth by accusing him of being an informer. Ganga, the secretary of the South Bastar Divisional Committee of the Maoists, issued a press note informing about it and took responsibility for the murder. The name of the deceased is being told as Tati Hadma, a resident of Botetong. The case pertains to the air strike on January 11 on the border of Sukma and Bijapur.

Police intimidated, threatened and made an informer

In the press note, the Maoist leader has written that Tati Hadma had shared the exact location of the attack with the police. The Maoist leader alleged that three years ago, Tati Hadma, who was studying in class 12th in Dantewada, was made an informer by the police by intimidation, threat and money.

Used to inform in the name of going to school

It is being told that immediately after the January 11 attack, the Maoists had captured Tati Hadma. He was then sentenced to death. The Naxalites alleged that Tati Hadma, in the name of going to school, used to pass on informers and information about Maoist hideouts to the police through mobile phones.

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Naxalites again killed one: alleged informer on january 11 airstrike, said- used to convey information about bases to police - news2news. In

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