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Gupta Navratri begins in Siddhi Yoga, Basant Panchami along with Ratha Saptami and Bhishma Ashtami also during this period.

Raipur: Gupta Navratri started on Sunday in Siddhi Yoga. It is considered auspicious to start Gupta Navratri with Siddhi Yoga. Along with this, Saturn-Venus conjunction is also taking place in Aquarius, which is very auspicious, because Venus and Saturn are friendly planets. During the whole nine days, this wonderful combination of Saturn and Venus will remain. According to the Hindu calendar, this is the last Navratri of Vikram Samvat 2079. After this, the Hindu New Year will start with Chaitra Navratri. Special worship and worship has started in the Devi temples of the city. Devotees are also doing spiritual practice after reaching the temple. For the next nine days, nine forms of Mother will be worshipped.

Many fasts and festivals also during this

Many fasts and festivals are celebrated during this Gupta Navratri of Magha month. This time Vinayaki Chaturthi fast will be observed on January 25 under Gupta Navratri. On January 26, the manifestation of Goddess Saraswati will be celebrated as Basant Panchami. On the other hand, on January 28, there will be the festival of Achala and Rath Saptami. Bhishma Ashtami fast will be observed on 29 January. Mahanand Navami will be celebrated on January 30, the last day of Gupta Navratri. There is no decay of any date this time. The Gupta Navratri of Magh month is of nine days.

Householders should worship Satvik

Pt. Rajesh Shukla of Banjari Mata Temple located at Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University campus said, nine days of Gupta Navratri are dedicated to the 10 Mahavidyas that appeared from Goddess Sati. These Mahavidyas are Maa Kali, Maa Tara, Maa Tripurasundari, Maa Bhuvaneshwari, Maa Chinnamasta, Maa Tripurabhairavi, Maa Dhumavati, Maa Baglamukhi, Maa Matangi and Maa Kamla. According to the scriptures, these Mahavidyas are worshiped during Gupta Navratri. Householders should do Satvik worship of the Goddess in this. Even in Gupta Navratra, if common people want, they can fulfill their wishes by doing sadhna, worship and recitation etc. for the fulfillment or achievement of any special wish.

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