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‘Doctor. Raman’s Compassion: Dr. Raman reached the women sitting on the dharna, justified the demand for compassionate appointment

'doctor. Raman's compassion: dr. Raman reached the women sitting on the dharna, justified the demand for compassionate appointment - news2news. In

Raipur. Former CM Dr. Raman Singh reached the protest site on Wednesday to support the agitating women on the demand of compassionate appointment in Chhattisgarh’s capital Raipur. During this, Dr. Raman Singh addressed the protesters. He said that the decision of your Jal Samadhi has shaken the entire state. Everything was done in our government. The demand for appointment to the dependents is absolutely justified. The government will have to bow down.


In fact, the wives of the late education workers have been sitting on a dharna for 34 days at the Budhatalab picket site, demanding compassionate appointment. The widow and dependents of the late panchayat teacher, who were protesting, lost their patience on Tuesday when their demand was not heard even after months of protest. One of them, a distressed woman, jumped into the pond as soon as she saw him taking water samadhi. The women police personnel posted at the picket site, acting promptly, saved the woman who had jumped into the pond from drowning and pulled her out by holding her hand. During this time, the women who came to take water samadhi also opposed it. The women were sent back to the dharna site after being counseled amidst ruckus and protests.

Husband’s death is causing two-way trouble

Affected women demanding compassionate appointment on the call of Late Panchayat Teachers Anukampa Sangh say the state government is going against their promise. After the death of her husband, she has to face two-way trouble. One is the sadness of the departure of the head of the family, on the other hand the worry of running the family. Due to poor economic condition, the time has come to come on the road. She doesn’t want to live anymore. State President Madhuri Mrigaye said that justice should be done to the widow of the late Panchayat teachers as well. They should also be given compassionate appointment without delay. By relaxing the rule of TET, the matter of compassionate appointment should be resolved immediately. The movement will continue until their demands are met. Watch the video-

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