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City dwellers lost sleep: Boulder-rocks breaking through big machines overnight, people worried due to noise pollution

Biplav Mallick / Kirandul. In the newly constructed plant of NMDC’s SP-3 located in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, Surya Uday Company is working overnight to break boulders and big rocks with big and heavy machines. This is causing heavy noise pollution. Along with the residents of the surrounding wards, the residents of Kirandul are also facing a lot of problems due to the sound of breaking rocks from big machines far and wide. The loud sound of rock breaking reverberates throughout the town of Kirandul in the dead of night. Due to this, from small children to elders, they have to go through a lot of difficulties in sleeping. The biggest problem is being faced by the residents of Fineor Camp, old double story, football ground, Gandhinagar, shopping center and loading plant under SP-3.

The authorities have not yet paid any attention

Even after so many problems, the big officials of NMDC are not paying any attention to this. On the one hand, the people of Kirandul city are troubled by the dust of the newly constructed plant, on the other hand, due to the extremely loud sound day and night, the residents of the city are not getting proper sleep. There are many types of diseases in the elderly. Due to lack of sleep, their diseases are increasing further. Children are facing a lot of difficulties in going to school. Everyone is upset because of lack of sleep.

People had complained to the MLA and the Zip President

A few days ago, Dantewada MLA Devati Karma and District Panchayat President Tulika Karma had come to Ward 12 Fainor Camp to perform Bhumi Pujan for the construction work. During this, all the residents of the ward had complained to the MLA and the District Panchayat President about the difficulty in sleeping at night due to the loud noise of the big machines. Several incidents of arson were also carried out by the Naxalites in the same area in the night. Even after that, Suryoday company’s work with such machines at night in this sensitive area invites danger somewhere.

prompt action instructions

District Panchayat President of Dantewada-Kirandul, Tulika Karma said that there are continuous complaints of noise pollution from machines at night in the newly constructed SP-3. Public is facing trouble due to night work, which is wrong. He said that the SDM has been asked to investigate the matter and take action as soon as possible.

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City dwellers lost sleep: boulder-rocks breaking through big machines overnight, people worried due to noise pollution - news2news. In

night work will stop

Kirandul Municipality President Mrinal Rai said that we are continuously receiving complaints of loud noise from Fineor Camp and different areas of Kirandul in SP 3 at night during the work of breaking boulders with machines. People are unable to sleep. Sick people are facing a lot of problems. After talking to the NMDC management, the night work in SP-3 will be stopped as soon as possible, so that people can get rest.

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