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Bad words of the minister: Amarjit Bhagat said – Dr. Raman became fat after eating goods for 15 years…

Bad words of the minister: amarjit bhagat said - dr. Raman became fat after eating goods for 15 years... - news2news. In

Raipur. Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat has retaliated for targeting the Congress by telling the story of transformation of a mouse into a lion on behalf of former Chhattisgarh CM . On Friday, the Food Minister bought the state’s paddy and took a press conference on the grain stock. During this, he has called Dr. Raman fat. He said that, if both Bhupesh Baghej ji and ji are made to stand, then seeing who is fat, who has eaten goods. He has eaten for 15 years. Who is fat, who has become fat like a lion from a mouse (rat) will be seen, the one who has eaten goods for 15 years is fat.

Political debate on the statement of becoming a lion from a rat

In fact, in the meeting of Kanker, an attempt was made to surround Congress leaders by narrating a small story of becoming a lion from a mouse. For this reason, now this issue has created a big political debate in the state. Earlier, CM Bhupesh Baghel, before leaving for today regarding that story of Dr. Raman, terming himself as Dr. Raman beautified the rat, said that I am a Chhattisgarhi farmer. They are adorning me with adjectives sometimes rat, sometimes cat, sometimes dog. The farmers of Chhattisgarh are unable to tolerate them. Mr. Baghel had said that his tendency is feudal. Adorning me with words like rat, cat, dog shows their feudal instincts.

All ration card holders are getting ration: Bhagat

While discussing with the media, Amarjit Bhagat said that ration is being distributed to all the ration card holders from fair price shops in the state without any hindrance as per their eligibility. Instructions have also been given to the district level officers to verify the stock of all ration shops and make their information available soon. Minister Bhagat said that as of today, 13,415 fair price shops are operational in the state. Data entry of the final stock for the month of September 2022 has been done by the District Food Office of 9,612 fair price shops and additional time has been sought from some districts for this action. There are 63.24 lakh poor ration card holder families in the state who are being given free rice. He said that under the public distribution system, the work of distribution of ration to the ration card holders through government fair price shops is going on continuously.

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