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Attachment warrant in the name of Collector: Collector’s car and other properties will be auctioned, court orders

Attachment warrant in the name of collector: collector's car and other properties will be auctioned, court orders - news2news. In

Mukesh Bais / . An attachment warrant has been issued in the name of the Collector in district of Chhattisgarh. The special thing in this attachment warrant is that it will not sell the personal property of the collector, but the property of the collector’s office. In this, auction will be done from collector’s car to other government properties.

In fact, in the year 2007, goods worth 1 lakh 7 thousand were supplied from the Singhania General Store of Janjgir to the collector’s flood relief branch. The shop operator was repeatedly asking for its payment, but these goods have not been paid from the collectorate even after 15 years of frequent visits to the collector’s office. After this, the shop operator filed a petition in the . Now while giving the verdict in the case, the District has ordered attachment of the government properties of the Collector in lieu of the payment. Collector’s car and other government properties will be auctioned in this.

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