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Big relief to Nitish government from SC, refused to hear on caste census, know what are its advantages and disadvantages

The Supreme Court has given a big relief to the Nitish government of Bihar on Friday. The court has refused to hear the petition to ban the Caste Based Census. The Supreme Court has asked the petitioners to approach the Patna High Court. Significantly, Akhilesh Kumar, a resident of Bihar, had filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the decision of the Bihar government to conduct caste census.

It was said in the petition that the notification of Caste Census is against the basic spirit and it is in violation of the basic structure of the Constitution. The petition sought quashing of the caste census notification.

Apart from Akhilesh Kumar, an organization called Hindu Sena also filed a petition in the Supreme Court to stay the notification of caste census. It was alleged in this petition that by conducting the caste census, the Bihar Government wants to break the unity and integrity of the country. Let’s talk about the caste census, politics has heated up. This is an issue that leaders in the country keep raising from time to time. Let’s know what is caste census…

what is caste census

Census is conducted once in every 10 years in India. This helps the government to prepare development plans. Which section got how much share, which part was deprived, all this information is known. Many leaders have demanded that when there is a census in the country, during this time people should also be asked about their caste. With this, we will not only know the population of the country, but will also get information about how many people of which caste live in the country. Simply put, counting people on the basis of caste is called caste census.

these are the advantages

Caste census will enable us to know which caste is still a victim of backwardness in the country. By knowing this figure, the backward castes are empowered by giving them the benefit of reservation. Apart from this, it also shows that the economic, social and education status of any caste will be known.

these are disadvantages

At the same time, there are not only advantages of caste census, it also has disadvantages. Experts say that caste-based census can cause any kind of loss to the country. In view of this, the British government and later the governments of independent India refused to accept this demand. He says that if a society comes to know that their number is decreasing in the country, then the people of that society can stop adopting family planning to increase their number. Due to this, the population of the country starts increasing rapidly. Apart from this, there is also a danger of social tension in the country due to this census.

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