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News2News.in-Inh News: The sound of recession is increasing panic! With Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi

Program ‘Discussion’ Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi

Program ‘Discussion’ Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi

News2News.in-Inh News: In News2News.in-INH’s special program ‘Charcha’, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi said in the beginning that Hello, welcome to our special program Charcha, today our issue is related to the country and the world. Earlier our subject was related to the country. Today the successful businessman is authorizing such big companies, which will recruit afresh, give employment opportunities to new people and a new way will be found for the youth.

Elon Musk is continuously laying off. Some people are leaving because of his behavior and more importantly, Alan has come to the conclusion that the company is constantly running at a loss. It can’t be run at a loss any longer. That’s why retrenchment will have to be done. 3700 employees have been fired. The matter did not stop here. In the last decade, which has amazed the whole world with its success. Such Facebook company has also shown the door to more than 11000 employees. Mark Zuckerberg is talking about taking this series forward.

And the shocking thing that changed these things in a big way in the form of shopping. The owner of the Amazon company, he talked about massive layoffs, and at the same time he said that recession is coming and Jeff Bezos worries us in the context of recession. At this time the prices of all the companies are coming down in the stock market. Mass layoffs are underway. Big companies are showing the way out to their employees. In such a situation, it is necessary that we talk about it. Try to understand where the world is going to go and where the world will go and where India will go along with it. We will talk about this too. We have 3 guests with us to talk about this serious issue we are talking about….

The sound of recession is increasing panic!


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