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News2News.in-Inh News: Rewari Political compulsion, reins necessary?, Discussion with Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi

News2News.in-Inh News: In the special program ‘Discussion’ of News2News.in-INH, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi said in the beginning that hello, welcome to our special program discussion, today we are going to talk on a very popular topic under discussion. . One word is Revdi. Connected to our life. When we were young, we used to wait very seriously for in winters. which is a kind of sweet, which is made from sesame and jaggery.

There are some areas which are famous for . In which one of my planet cities is also Gwalior. Gwalior’s and Gajak live in great discussions and Rohtak has also been an area where the demand for Gulab Gajak is from all over the country. But that Revdi is not in discussions at present. Rather, those who are currently distributing Revdi in the country in the context of Revdi. Overall, the discussion of this Revdi is related to free declaration. The respected Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, during the inauguration of Bundelkhand Expressway, once expressed his displeasure that the process which is going on in the country is of Rewari culture or distribution of Revdi. In return, the political parties declare a free-free-free. They make such announcements to win elections and because of that, there is a heavy burden on the economy of the state or the country. If it is so heavy, then where will the money come from for development work?

The Prime Minister was very concerned about this and said that this should be stopped. The issue raised by the Prime Minister was taken seriously by the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the matter reached the Supreme Court. Petitioned in the Supreme Court and demanded that the Election Commission in this matter, in reference to the plans of any political party, that its recognition should be cancelled. Hearing on this issue is going on in the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice, who is going to retire in a few days, NV Ramana, during this hearing and in the midst of these discussions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again addressed the country while speaking on this subject. Recently, while inaugurating the ethanol plant at Panipat, , he commented on black magic and once again expressed his displeasure over Revdi.

On one hand the Supreme Court which is expressing concern about the economy and on the other hand the Prime Minister is worried about what will be the future of BJP. But the third opposition party in the midst of everyone says that whatever you do, it is public welfare schemes and if we do it, it is a free speech. Our today’s program is based on this. Many guests are specially associated with us, who will give their opinion on this matter…

Revdi political compulsion, need to rein?


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