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Gujarat Election 2022: Why did PM Modi say that I have no status, know the whole matter

Assembly elections are to be held in Gujarat next month. Due to which all the political parties in the state are engaged in massive rallies and roadshows. Meanwhile, Prime Minister addressed an election rally in Surendra Nagar today. During this, he hit back at leader Madhusudan Mistry’s statement about his status.

Targeting the , PM Modi said, ‘What was not said to me. I was called a worm of a dirty drain, a dealer of death and even talked about status. I am just a public servant and will definitely work 24 hours. He said that the people of say that they will show Modi his status. It is arrogance that Modi will be shown his status. Hey parents, you are from the royal family. I am a child of a normal family. I don’t have any status. There is no need to show you my status. Arey, I am a servant..I am a servant. Servant and servant have little status.

Madhusudan Mistry had said that Narendra Modi’s status will speak

Let us inform that Congress leader Madhusudan Mistry while talking in a news channel had said that Narendra Modi’s status will speak for itself. You cannot compare Narendra Modi with Sardar Patel, who made this country the present day India. Brought all the states together and became the first Home Minister of independent India. To compare Narendra Modi to him, it is a ridiculous thing. The also attacked him for this statement. On which PM Modi himself has given a befitting reply to the Congress in the election rally today.

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