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Viral Infection: Do not take antibiotics for viral fever, know the reason

Avoid taking antibiotics immediately.

Avoid taking antibiotics immediately.

viral fever: In the changing season itself, most of the people have to face problems like cold, cold and viral. Often people think that viral and bacterial infections are the same, but it is not so. Actually there is a basic difference between Viral and Bacterial Infections. Bacteria and viruses are a type of very small organisms, which cause infection by entering our body. If there is a viral infection, you can take rest and recover as your immunity will eliminate the viral infection. On the other hand, talking about bacterial infection, treatment is not possible without medicines. So let us tell you what is the basic difference between viral and bacterial infection.

difference between bacteria and viruses

There are two types of bacteria. First those who are good, who keep digestion right in our stomach. Others who create serious problems. Due to this, apart from breathing problems, there are problems like gastrointestinal infection and urine infection. On the other hand, if we talk about virus organisms, their size is smaller than that of bacteria. They require a host cell to multiply, such as HIV, influenza, chicken pox, herpes, etc.

Difference between symptoms of bacterial infection and viral infection

There is a basic difference between bacterial infection and viral infection. Treatment of bacterial infection is not possible at home and medical consultation is required. In viral infection, you get cured within three to four days due to your immunity. Read below about the symptoms between these two.

symptoms of viral infection

Viral fatigue with fever

muscle soreness


sudden joint pain

Symptoms of bacterial infection

High fever persists even after five to six days

coughing up mucus

having a urinary bacterial infection

feeling strong tremors in the body

treatment of viral infection

Most of the viral infections are fought by the body’s immunity itself.

This viral infection gets cured in about 5 to 6 days.

To avoid this, don’t let the water decrease in the body. Can gargle.

If it doesn’t get better, you should see a doctor.

bacterial infection treatment

If the fever does not subside in 6 to 7 days, see a doctor immediately.

Bacterial infection is treated with antibiotics.

Specific antibiotics treat specific infections.

Antibiotics do not work at all in viral infections. It is effective only in bacterial infection.

home remedies for viral infection

drink coconut water

Eating cinnamon provides relief in throat pain, cough and cold.

drink giloy juice

Tulsi leaves have antibiotic properties, which help in treatment.

Consumption of pomegranate, celery is also beneficial.

Roasted ginger is effective in curing cold and flu.

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