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Ishaan of the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ had autism, know how serious it is and how to prevent it?

Know what is the problem of autism

Know what is the problem of autism

Know About Autism, Treatment And Symptoms: You all must remember Aamir Khan’s blockbuster film ‘Taare Zameen Par’. In it, the main character Ishaan Awasthi had a problem, because of which he could not read and write because according to him words used to dance in front of his eyes, the child’s teachers and classmates used to make fun of him. You must have laughed at this while watching the movie, but do you know that it is a very serious disease. Yes, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), one out of every 100 children has autism spectrum disorder. Let’s know everything about this disease: –

What is autism disease? (What is Autism)

Autism is a disease related to human growth ie development, which has a very bad effect on human life. Please tell that this problem is identified in some people from childhood, but mostly its disease is identified very late. Due to the late treatment of this problem, the behavior of people towards the victims of autism is very disappointing and discriminatory. In autism disorder, a person is not able to be social and he has to face many difficulties in communicating with people. For this reason, he likes to be alone away from the world.

How can autism be treated? (What are the treatments for autism)

There is no particular treatment for autism. This is the reason why parents who are raising children suffering from this disease. He takes various measures to deal with this situation. In some ways, with the help of therapy, an attempt is made to cure the symptoms of autism. In these therapies, treatment is done by combining homeopathic, herbal and care for the child’s education etc. together. This maintains balance in the functioning of the nervous system in autistic patients.

Now we will talk about the issue of these therapy:-

What is herbal therapy? (What Is Herbal Therapy)

Some medications related to autism are used to control the increased energy levels of a person with this disease, self-harming behavior, and many other difficulties in concentrating on anything. helps in Herbal remedies act as a safe option for patients with autism. These include the calming effect of herbal teas and tinctures. This treatment also involves the use of a flower called St. John’s Wort.

What is Food Nutrients Therapy? (What Is Food Nutrient Therapy)

Studies on autism have shown that when people with this disease are given supplements of some essential vitamins. So improvement is seen in the way they do any work. Excessive temper tantrums, tantrums, irritability and anxiety are some of the symptoms associated with autism, which are linked to nutritional deficiencies. If you give essential nutrients to the child, then with their help these symptoms can be eradicated.

Know about educational programs

This is a very good and necessary method, most of the patients give positive feedback about the educational programs. These programs include a variety of activities to improve social skills, communication and behavior, and patient assistance by experts, such as the one given by Aamir Khan in the movie Taare Zameen Par.

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