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video: Fighter aircraft of China and Russia entered South Korea Air Defense Zone, know what is the matter

No aircraft can enter the air defense zone of any country without permission. If the aircraft of one country has to enter another country, then permission has to be taken for this. But the fighter jets of China and Russia entered the air defense zone of South Korea without notice. A statement has been issued by the South Korean army on this matter.

On Wednesday, the South Korean army issued a statement saying that 2 Chinese and 6 Russian fighter jets entered our air confidence zone. After this fighter jets have been launched. The Seoul Joint Chiefs of Staff said China’s H-6 bomber entered and exited the air defense zone several times at 5.50 a.m. near South Korea’s south and north coasts.

Video: fighter aircraft of china and russia entered south korea air defense zone, know what is the matter - news2news. In

Further said that two Chinese and 6 Russian fighter jets entered South Korea’s air defense zone without notice on Wednesday. Due to which the Air Force was forced to move fighter jets to that place. The warplanes flew over Cadiz, but did not violate South Korea’s air zone. At 5.48 a.m. two Chinese H-6 fighter jets took off from an area 126 kilometers northwest of Leo Islet in Cadiz.

South Korean military aircraft, including F-15K jets, were deployed in a tactical move against a possible contingency according to the JCS, Yonhap news agency reported. For information, let us tell you that after this, at 12.18 pm, 6 Russian fighter jets and two Chinese fighter jets flew in South Korea’s air defense zone. All these planes left at 12:36. The Joint Chiefs of Staff said that South Korea had sent fighter jets including the F-15K to deal with any situation. Information about the case has not been revealed yet.

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