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Dictator Kim Jong Un’s strange decree, said- Now the names of children in North Korea will be Bomb, Gun and Cannon

Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un.

Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un.

The whole world knows North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un for his cruelty. Hardly anyone would know how much Kim Jong Un loves bombs, missiles and guns. In such a situation, he has ordered to keep such names of children, which shows aggression and patriotism. He has said that the names of children should be Bomb, Gun, Cannon or Satellite.

The government of North Korea is taking strict measures against names with very soft meanings, with names such as soft (loving) and sumi (great beauty) becoming prevalent. Similar names are also famous in South Korea. The government says that people should not name their children like this. Children should have such a name, which has patriotism in it. At the same time, North Korean officials have said that the names of children in their country should not be similar to the names of children in South Korea.

This is troubling the people of North Korea as the authorities are asking them to change the names of the children. This process started after a notice was issued last month, after which people are constantly being pressurized to change the name of their children.

On the other hand, two minor children were shot dead for watching and sharing a South Korean film. According to Radio Free Asia, this is the first time such a punishment has been given in North Korea. Consumption was considered a heinous crime.

Let us tell you that issuing such orders by the government of North Korea is not a new thing. People’s choice doesn’t matter here. The government also decides when people have to laugh and when not. If someone disobeys the order of the government, he gets a very severe punishment.

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