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Cuba: Fire after lightning strikes crude oil storage tank, more than 80 injured – so many firefighters missing

fell on the crude oil storage tank located in the Cuban city of Matanzas. Due to , a huge fire broke out in the oil tank. Due to which other tanks also came under fire. Cuban officials have given this information. Several dozen people were injured due to the fire. After which dozens of people were sent to the hospital for first aid.

According to the report, officials said that more than 80 people were injured in the incident that happened on Friday while 17 firefighters are missing. The Ministry of Power tweeted from its Twitter account and wrote that firefighters, firefighters and other experts are trying to control the fire.

’s official news agency said struck one tank, which later spread to another. According to information shared on by the provincial government of Matanzas, the number of injured in the accident has reached 77, while 17 people are missing. But now more than 80 people are said to be injured. However, no news of any death has come to light so far.

The government says it has sought help from international experts from friendly countries with experience in the oil sector. After which Mexico and Venezuela sent several teams to help control the fire, and the US has also given technical advice. It is being told that efforts are on to control the fire.

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