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Craftsmen of Vietnam dominated the International Gita Festival

Kurukshetra. In the International Gita Festival being held at Brahmasarovar, where the crafts of 23 states are pleasing to the tourists, an artist from Vietnam has become the center of attraction in the International Gita Festival. He has brought such an art in front of the people of India which no one else in India knows. The amazing union of culture of India and Vietnam is depicted in these photographs. The people of India are also very fond of this art. He makes the pictures on wood and melts the sea shell and fills it. He keeps these pictures soaked in water for a long time by which the painting shines in the darkness of the night.

Each picture has its own special significance. Out of which one picture is of seven horses which is considered auspicious in the name of Vastu Shastra. The painting of seven horses symbolizes success, power, progress, peace and prosperity. Beautifying a space with a seven-horse painting is one of the best ways to attract negative energy into your home. They are true symbols of strength, courage, power, peace, stability and loyalty and are believed to increase positivity in all aspects of life. Apart from this he portrays about the subjects like village culture, historical event. He has been doing this work for 6 years. The cost of painting keeps increasing according to its colour, size and its quality. Apart from photographs, he also makes other objects, which include jewelry boxes, sculptures, showpieces, slippers, etc.

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