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America: Khalistanis misbehaved with Indian journalist in Washington DC, know what is the whole matter

Indian journalist attacked in America.Indian journalist attacked in America.

The government’s action against Khalistani supporter Amritpal Singh continues in India. Meanwhile, news of protest by Khalistani supporters is also coming out in foreign countries. Now a new case has come to light in this episode. Indian journalist Lalit Jha was attacked and abused by Khalistani supporters in the US capital Washington DC on Saturday while he was doing media coverage of their protest.

Police helped during the attack

Lalit Jha on Sunday thanked the US Secret Service for protecting him and helping him do his job. He said that Khalistani supporters hit him with two sticks on his left ear. He said that if the police had not reached on time, I would have been sharing this information with the hospital today. Along with this, Jha told that I called 911 after being attacked by Khalistani supporters. After which 4 policemen helped me.

Lalit Jha gave this information

Lalit Jha said that in support of Amritpal Singh, Khalistani protesters waved Khalistan flags and descended on the embassy in the presence of the US Secret Service. Pro-Khalistan protesters also threatened to vandalize the Indian Embassy and Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu.

Along with this, Lalit Jha further said that the protesters included turbaned men of all ages, who raised pro-Khalistan slogans. They came from different parts of the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. The organizers commanding this demonstration raised anti-India slogans and gave speeches in different languages. During this speech, he targeted the Punjab Police and said that it was violating human rights.

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