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10-year-old son shot dead his mother, insisting on buying VR headset

child shot motherchild shot mother

A very shocking case has come to light in America. Where only a 10 year old boy shot his mother. This incident is being told of last 21 November. The murder involved in the incident has also been recovered by the police. At present, the police is probing the matter and making inquiries.

According to media reports, a 10-year-old boy in the US city of Milwaukee shot his real mother for not buying a Virtual Reality (VR) headset. Prosecutors have given this information. During interrogation by the police, the child told that he had deliberately fired at his mother.

According to the information received, the child has been accused of murder as an adult. Under Wisconsin law, any 10-year-old child is tried as an adult. But there is also a provision that if the child’s lawyer wants, he can apply for the child court.

Giving information on this matter, the parents of the child said that he is mentally ill and therefore he should be sent to a child reform home. After which the court has sent the child to the children’s jail. Giving information on the matter, the child’s lawyer said that it was a family tragedy. I don’t think anyone can deny or disagree with that. Not enough to meet the needs of a 10 year old kid. According to the complaint, the incident of firing is being reported at around 7 am on November 21. The child initially told the police that he found the weapon in his mother’s bedroom and went to wash clothes on the ground floor, where his mother was washing clothes. When asked about the shooting, the boy said that he had pointed the gun at his mother.

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