Skin Care Tips: Apply this face pack according to your skin type, you will get natural glow.


Skin Care Tips: Apply this face pack according to your skin type, you will get natural glow.

Symbolic picture.

Symbolic picture.

Natural face pack for glowing skin: In today’s time, everyone wants to get glowing skin and uses different types of products for this. Today we have brought some Ace face packs for you, with the help of which your skin will glow naturally and your face will glow. You can easily prepare these face packs at home (Home made face pack for glowing skin) and apply them on your face according to your skin.

1- Olive oil and banana face pack (for dry skin)

Face pack made of olive oil and banana is good for dry skin. Bananas contain plenty of antioxidants and potassium. To make a face pack, add half a banana in one spoon olive oil and mix it well. Prepare a paste of it. You can apply this paste from your face to neck. After 20-30 minutes, apply the face pack on your face and wash it with clean water. Applying this face pack twice a week will brighten the face and maintain the natural glow in the skin.

2- Papaya and honey face pack (for oily skin)

Face pack of papaya and honey is considered very good for oily skin. To make this face pack, mash ripe papaya well. After this add honey to it. Apply the prepared face pack thoroughly on your skin. After 15 minutes you can wash your face. This will also remove the problem of pimples and acne.

3- Aloe Vera and Cucumber Face Pack (for sensitive skin) 

If your skin is sensitive then you can try a face pack made of aloe vera and cucumber. To make this face pack, take a cucumber. Grind it well. Now mix 2 teaspoons cucumber juice, 2 teaspoons aloe vera gel in a bowl. Apply this face pack on face and neck. Wash with clean water after 10-15 minutes. This will make your skin soft.

4-Strawberry and curd face pack (for combination skin),

Beauty experts say that when some part of the face is dry and some part is oily, it is called combination skin. Women with combination skin can apply strawberry and curd face pack on their face. For this you have to take pulp of 3-4 strawberries. Add half a cup of curd to it and prepare a smooth paste. Then apply this pack on face and neck. You can wash your face after 20 minutes. Using this face pack will get rid of pimples.

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Note: This news is based on general information, you can consult an expert before using any face pack.

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