Nails Hacks: If you want long and strong nails for the festival and wedding season, then try this home remedy.


Nails Hacks: If you want long and strong nails for the festival and wedding season, then try this home remedy.

Nails Hacks: Along with the festive season, the wedding season also starts. In such a situation, women make a lot of preparations. Want to look beautiful in every way related to fashion. If you are also busy in these preparations and also want to make your nails long and strong. So that your hands look very beautiful. So for this you can adopt some home remedies. Due to which your nails will grow faster and become stronger as well as look very beautiful. Let us know about this…

how long do nails grow by month

The nails of our hands grow approximately 0.14 inches in a month. Also our toe nails are 0.063 inches long. New finger nails take less time to grow than those on feet. The growth, strength and health of nails all depend on good eating habits, good diet and lifestyle routine.

How to make nails long and strong

To grow and strengthen your nails, a home remedy of salt and water can be adopted. Nails do not grow that quickly just because of water, but yes it keeps the nails healthy and fine. Apart from this, nail growth also improves. Salt is beneficial for the health of nails.

Get long, beautiful and strong nails in this way

First of all, heat 2 cups of water in a vessel. After this, add one tablespoon salt in it.

After adding salt, add one spoon baking soda or one spoon lemon juice to the same water.

Then keep stirring the mixture of all these things with the help of a spoon to give it a slightly paste-like appearance.

After this, dip your nails in this liquid solution and keep it for some time.

After soaking the nails in that solution, rub them slowly with the help of a soft brush.

After this wash your nails and hands with clean water. Also, remove all the dirt from your nails.

After this, clean your nails and hands thoroughly with lemon juice.

After this, finally wash your hands with clean water.

By using this method you can get beautiful nails. You can also make your hands beautiful. You can use this remedy on feet also.

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