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Do skin care like this immediately after marriage

The bride has to do heavy make-up while getting ready for the wedding and then the reception party. Although good products do not have bad effects on the skin, but still proper care is needed for skin protection. Some useful suggestions for this.

Although good makeup artists use branded quality products to prepare the bride. But everyone’s skin type is different, so the effect of products on it can also be different. In such a situation, it is important that you pay full attention to your immediately after the and reception function.

Face Skin Cleansing:

Daily cleansing is necessary to keep the face glowing. Due to this, the dust present on the face is removed, as well as it also reduces the effect of heavy makeup. But while cleansing, it should be kept in mind that you do not have to rub the skin too much, because it can damage the skin.


Toning is as important as cleansing the face. Apply a few drops of toner on the face. It provides hydration to the face. Due to this, moisture and freshness remain on the skin.


Serum also plays a big role in . Many times after heavy makeup, your skin starts losing its shine. In this situation, serum proves to be very beneficial. Problems like tanning, acne and dark spots can also be reduced by its use. It contains Vitamin-C, which proves beneficial in your .

Moisturizer :

Whenever you wash your face with clean water, do not forget to moisturize after that. Keep in mind that after washing the face, it should not remain dry. Moisturizer always hydrates the face skin.

Eye Cream:

Eye cream is also very important in skin care products. Due to heavy makeup, puffiness and dryness often comes under the eyes. Eye cream reduces both these problems.


As a regular skin care, remember to apply sunscreen while stepping out in the sun. Because sunscreen makes the skin soft and shiny along with protecting it from the sun’s rays. Also, it provides natural beauty to the skin. But it is important that you use only such sunscreen, which contains titanium oxide. It is beneficial for the skin.

Face Oil:

To maintain the moisture in the skin, apply face oil too. There are different types of face oils for dry skin and oily skin. Select it according to your skin type.

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