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Urfi Javed came on the target of Chetan Bhagat, said- people see his photo by entering the beds



Chetan Bhagat Reaction on : Social media sensation Urfi Javed is embroiled in controversies for her unique dress style. If the fans do not get tired of praising her dress, then the people of literature and art taunt her. Meanwhile, Chetan Bhagat has also given a statement regarding Urfi. Actually, Chetan Bhagat is known for his outspoken style apart from his books. But this time he has given a controversial statement regarding TV actress Urfi Javed.

Chetan Bhagat gave a statement regarding Urfi

In an interview given to the media, Chetan Bhagat talked about the attention of today’s young generation towards books. He said, Internet and mobile data is a very good thing, but it has made the youth of our country weak. In today’s time, boys keep watching reels on social media all day long. Likes everyone’s photo. After this, fans’ favorite Urfi Javed comes on the target of Chetan Bhagat. Chetan says what will the youth say in the interview that I know all the dresses of Urfi. It is not Urfi’s fault. She is making her career.

Urfi’s picture is seen by people entering the bed

People enter inside the bed and see Urfi Javed’s picture. ‘Today I have also come after seeing Urfi’s photos. She has made her dress by using two phones. Chetan Bhagat even said that stories are made only when people like Urfi Javed meet. Apart from this, he explained the reason behind writing the book and said, there was a lack of entertainment in our time. That’s why I started writing books. Chetan also gave an example to complete his point. They say that the age at which one has to study. At that time there is also a desire to make girlfriends and date. But if you have a good girlfriend then it will not get any job. Yes, if you have a good job then you will definitely get a good girlfriend.

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