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The astrologer who came to the Bigg Boss house told Archana Gautam’s tongue to be black, knowing the reason you will also be stunned

Astrologer Sauris Sharma and Bigg Boss contestant Archana Gautam.

Astrologer Sauris Sharma and Bigg Boss contestant Archana Gautam.

Big Boss 16: The latest season of Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss has reached very close to the finale. First Family Week was held at BB House. Then journalists were called to the house, who also raised a lot of questions on the game of the contestants. In the latest episode (Bigg Boss Latest Episode), it was seen that astrology came in Bigg Boss 16, who also revealed many things about the future and present of the contestants. While Shiv Thackeray was described as clean-hearted, Nimrat Kaur was said to be a very creative girl. But, the astrologer said something about Archana Gautam, after which the members of the house and their fans were shocked.

Famous astrologer Sourish Sharma participated in the latest episode of Bigg Boss. He has also opened many secrets related to most of the contestants. Starting with Shaleen Bhanot asked him to focus on the game. After this Shaleen’s favorite Tina Dutta was asked to work well on her attitude and play the game carelessly. Astrology described Shiv Thackeray as a pure hearted boy. Also said, you are going to reach great heights in life.

Astrology told Archana Gautam black tongue

The astrologer questioned the housemates about the drama girl of Bigg Boss house and said, Archana has all the things that no one else has. He told that Archana’s tongue is black. Whatever Archana says, it turns out to be true. In the beginning, Archana had said about Tina-Nimrat’s friendship that their friendship is about to break. On the other hand, recently Archana had said about the troupe that there is going to be a stir in the troupe. After this, within four-five days, first Abdu and then Sajid Khan were out of the show.

Archana got advice to speak thoughtfully

Sauris Sharma also told Archana about Ankit Gupta that you had told about his exit from the house as well and he too got eliminated from the show. After this, the astrologer gave special advice to Archana to speak thoughtfully. Priyanka also gave her reaction on the matter of black tongue of Archana. Priyanka said, I am now scared of Archana.

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