Naseeruddin Shah called The Kerala Story dangerous, said – will never watch the film


Naseeruddin Shah called The Kerala Story dangerous, said – will never watch the film

Actor Naseeruddin Shah.

Actor Naseeruddin Shah.

Naseeruddin Shah on The Kerala Story: Adah Sharma starrer The Kerala Story film has become a topic of discussion. The movie is performing amazingly at the box office. Also, has become the second highest grossing Hindi film of the year. On one hand, the audience is liking the story of the film. At the same time, a lot of controversy has also been seen regarding this. Meanwhile, actor Naseeruddin Shah’s statement regarding Sudipto Sen’s film has come into the limelight.

Naseeruddin does not want to watch The Kerala Story

Naseeruddin Shah ‘The Kerala Story’ Let’s look at it from a different perspective. He says that he does not want to see this film. The actor said that films like Rumor, Rush and Faraz died at the box office. At the same time, films like ‘The Kerala Story’ are rocking the big screen. Naseeruddin also said that people are talking a lot about this film, but I have not seen this film yet and do not want to see it.

The actor expressed this concern

Naseeruddin Shah has linked trends like The Kerala Story to Nazism in Germany. The actor says that during Hitler’s time, the government or leaders used to get filmmakers to make films based on their ideology. In these, the government and the ideas related to it were praised. Because of this many filmmakers left Germany and went to Hollywood. Also used to make films there. Now this type of thing is happening here also.

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The Kerala Story is being liked by the audience

For your information, let us tell you that the Adah Sharma starrer film was embroiled in controversies even before its release. Even after knocking in theatres, the discussion about the film continued. However, after all the controversies, the story of the film has been well received by the audience. Due to the choice of the people, the collection of the film has reached close to 228 crores, but after the statement of Naseeruddin, once again a new debate has started on The Kerala Story.

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