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BB 16: Sumbul’s friend Fahman Khan enters the BB house, will problems increase for Shaleen-Tina

Fahman Khan’s entry in Bigg Boss house.

Fahman Khan’s entry in Bigg Boss house.

: In the TV reality show Bigg Boss house, no one even realizes when the mutual fight between the contestants turns into enmity. Just look at the friendship between Sumbul Taukeer and Shaleen. Due to mutual differences, both are always seen quarreling with each other. Now in the upcoming episode, Shaleen Bhanot gets so angry at Sumbul that he kicks the table in front of him. On the other hand, Tina will also be seen shouting at Sumbul. Now that Sumbul’s friends have reached the Bigg Boss house to support him, it will be interesting to see whether Shaleen-Tina’s troubles will increase or decrease.

Fahman Khan’s entry in the BB house

In the latest promo of , it has been revealed that Sumbul’s friend and TV serial co-star Fahman Khan has entered the BB house. Bigg Boss itself has announced that Fahman has entered the show as a wild card contestant. It can be clearly seen in the promo that Sumbul, who is crying, looks happy as soon as Fahman arrives. Also, she says in front of Sajid that he has come, now I will not need anyone.

Sumbul’s happiness knew no bounds

Sumbul Touqueer Khan looks at his friend Fahman and says that ‘You were not going to come in the show’. Fahman replied, ‘I thought you would need me, so I came.’ Sumbul hugs Fahman and says- ‘I love you Fahman.’ Now let’s talk about what is going to happen after Fahmaan’s entry in Bigg Boss house.

The special thing is that for the first time in the season a wild card contestant has joined, so all the contestants will definitely talk about the game. On the other hand, Fahman can express his displeasure over the contestants Tina Dutta and Shaleen Bhanot who quarreled with Sumbul. However, it is certain that in the upcoming episode, the fight between Dhamaal and the housemates is not going to stop at any cost.

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