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School running in ruined rooms, teachers wrote a letter to the education department to declare the building condom

Condom Classroom’s photo.

Condom Classroom’s photo.

News2News.in News, Narnaul: Last year, the state government upgraded the school of Nangal Katha village of the sub-division to class 10 plus 2, but the basic needs of this school have not been increased till now. There is an acute shortage of rooms in the school and the children of the school are forced to study in the old dilapidated rooms, due to which there is fear among the students and teachers. Half of the total 12 rooms are old and one is permanently closed due to ruins.

It is noteworthy that the Government Primary School was established in the year 1949 in the village Nangal Katha, bordering Rajasthan, at the end of the district. Then the donors of the village had already got the primary school built here and got it ready and then donated it to the government. The villagers started classes from first to fifth here, so that the small children of the village could be saved from going far and wide. Along with the pace of time, this primary school also progressed and middle to high school was established here. The government also got some new rooms constructed in it. Now last year in December 2021, this school was upgraded from tenth to twelfth, but the amazing thing is that along with upgrading the school, the government and education department did not increase the basic facilities here. Rooms are of great importance in any school, but even after one year, new rooms were not constructed here and still various activities are going on in the old dilapidated rooms.

Let us tell you that the building of the school here, established in the year 1949, is built in the old ways. The roofs are also of the old pattern. In the hall, wood has been used instead of iron garters or lenter of the roof. Due to the melting of wood, the part of the roof breaks and falls. Along with wood, gray stone has also been used in the roof, which also keeps falling when the wood breaks. The ceilings of many rooms are damaged in this condition. The rooms also get filled with water during rains.

Primary and Senior Secondary go together:

It is worth noting that both primary and senior secondary schools run in this school building. Classes 1st to 5th and classes 6th to 12th are held simultaneously. That’s why there is a requirement of 12 rooms according to the classes, but due to shortage of rooms, only two classes of primary are being set up in the same room. There are currently around 100 children in Primary. While there are about 70 children in classes above this. Six rooms are of primary and only six rooms are of senior secondary. Out of the six primary rooms, one is permanently closed and the condition of the rest is also not good.

There is also a need for non-academic rooms:

To operate a school, rooms are not only required for holding classes, but also separate rooms are required for other activities of the school to run smoothly. Library, computer room, common room and lab are also needed, but there is a lack of rooms here. In such a situation, it is proving very difficult for the teachers to get education done easily.

Correspondence with Public Works Department:

School’s Executive Principal Sanju, Primary’s Hat Teacher Dr. Sushil Kumar Sheelu and Clerk Suresh Kumar said that correspondence was made to the Public Works Department to declare the school’s old, dilapidated and damaged rooms unsafe, on which a JE The call was received only once, but no employee or officer ever reached the school to inspect the opportunity. While many rooms here remain unsafe and it is very important to demolish them and make new ones. Dr. Sushil Kumar told that he has given separate letters three times each to the PWD and Education Department in this regard.

Talk from school:

Block Education Officer Subhash Samariya told that he had talked to the school about this. They need rooms, but PWD’s unsafe certificate is mandatory before constructing new rooms in place of old ones. When this certificate is received, then he will try to get the further process done fast.

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