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Career Options: If you are interested in sports then you can become PTI teacher, you will get salary in lakhs

How To Become A PT Teacher: Physical Education Teacher is one of the important and popular career options for people who are interested in sports and fitness. There is a demand for teachers in this field in schools, colleges and universities. These teachers work closely with the students, train them in sports and related physical fitness, supervise and organize sports activities within the institution. Anyone can aspire to become a PT teacher from elementary school to college level depending on their education, skills, training and achievement. If you are looking for a career as PT Teacher then here we will help to guide you.

Eligibility to become PT teacher

There is no hard and fast rule for becoming a PT teacher. The quality and demand for selection of PT teachers may vary depending on the institution and requirement. However, it is a set of basic qualifications that one must acquire in order to become a PT teacher.

Candidates who have done their Diploma in Physical Education course of two years are eligible for recruitment in various primary schools. Also these candidates should have 50%-60% in 12th class from recognized state board. The candidates who stand on both these educational qualifications can be appointed as PT teachers in any institute.

In addition to this, candidates who have acquired 2 years Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed) degree can also apply for the post of PT teacher in various schools and colleges across the country.

On the other hand, persons who have completed 2-year Master’s degree (M.P.Ed) in Physical Education can apply for university-level positions such as HOD (Head of Department) as well as higher-level positions in various government departments. are eligible to apply.

Age Range:

The minimum age for pursuing BPEd course is 19 years.

The minimum age requirement for pursuing DPEd course is 16 years.

entrance examinations

There are many entrance exams conducted by various universities and states to get admission in Graduation and Diploma in Physical Education (BPEd/DPEd). There are colleges which give direct admission without any entrance exam.

Salary of a PT Teacher

The salary of a PT teacher highly depends on the experience and skills of the individual and the organization he is joining. As a starting career, a PT teacher can earn 20-25 thousand per month in a private school or college at primary level. With time and experience, those working at senior level in private schools earn around 40-50 thousand per month.

At the same time, there is scope for PT teachers to earn up to 1 lakh per month in colleges and sports institutes.

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