Viral Video: 10 feet alien seen outside the mall in America? The truth told by the police will surprise you


Viral Video: 10 feet alien seen outside the mall in America?  The truth told by the police will surprise you

Miami Alien Viral Video: People all over the world have various questions about aliens. There have been claims of alien sightings in many countries. However, no truth has ever been revealed in the claims made so far. Recently a video is going viral on social media. In this video, the existence of aliens has once again been claimed. This video is said to be from outside a mall in Miami city of America and it is being claimed that a 10 feet alien is roaming on the road amidst the presence of many police vehicles.

Truth of alien claim
A video is becoming quite viral on social media platform X. In the video, a large number of police vehicles are parked outside the mall with sirens blaring. There is a lot of chaos and people are seen running. By sharing the video, it was claimed that a 10 feet alien was roaming around and people were running away after seeing it.

However, this video was also posted from another account (@szuculo). The caption in this video was ‘Miami Mall incident…people are just coming, there are no aliens.’

People’s reaction to the video
After the video went viral on X, users also started commenting on it. One user wrote, ‘I don’t know whether the rumor of aliens in Miami mall is true or not, but I know that I have never seen so many police at once.’ Actor William Shatner reacted and said, ‘So did space aliens go to the mall in Miami?’

Police exposed the reality
Miami Police also had to issue a statement amid rumors of alien sighting in Miami. It has been said from their side that there was no alien, UFO, nor is there any emergency. No airport has been closed and there has been no power cut. Actually, there was a fight between two groups of teenage children in the mall. On receiving information that the fight had escalated considerably, the police reached the spot and controlled the matter.

According to media reports, a rumor was spread on social media that the video of the incident was an alien video. For this reason people were convinced of seeing aliens. However later the reality turned out to be different.

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