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Viral: Husband and wife became even after death, amazing story of strange lover came out from Gujarat

Till now you have got married many times, you must have heard and seen many stories of love. In which some people run away from home and get married, while some do it with the consent of their family. but now gujarat (Gujarat) A strange love story case has come to light from K Tapi. Here a couple had committed suicide after not getting the consent of their family members for marriage. After that what his family members did will surprise you a bit. Actually, his family members got his effigy made and took out a procession and also made him take seven rounds. Apart from this, he got every ritual done by holding the effigies.

Now let us tell you what was the whole matter after all. Actually, this relationship was not approved by the families of the boy and the girl, due to which they did not accept their love. The families of both refused to get them married. After which the couple committed suicide six months ago while hugging each other. The boy’s name is being told as Ganesh and the girl’s name as Ranjana. Both were residents of the same village, Newala. In August 2022, Ganesh took Ranjana to his house as his wife, where the family members refused to accept this relationship. After this the family members threw both of them out of the house. After some time, the dead bodies of both were seen hanging on the same gallows on the tree.

After this, their families felt that both loved each other very much. But when he was alive, his marriage was not accepted. Then the relatives symbolically got both of them married for the peace of the souls of this couple. For which effigies of both were made and the marriage was conducted according to tribal tradition.

Talking about this, the girl’s grandfather says that the boy was related to our distant family only. Because of which this marriage could not happen. In such a situation, the members of both the families got married by making effigies for the peace of the soul.

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