VIDEO: When the ‘King of the Ring’ held the cricket bat, did this feat with one hand


VIDEO: When the ‘King of the Ring’ held the cricket bat, did this feat with one hand

The Great Khali:The great wrestler of WWE, who is fondly known as ‘The Great Khali’. These days, Khali is away from the wrestling world. He is spending his leisure time with his family. Recently, he uploaded a video of him playing cricket on his Instagram account. In the video, Khali is seen hitting the shot with one hand. He is enjoying street cricket in the premises of his house. Khali is wearing only pants. He is holding a bat in his hand. He is waiting for the ball to arrive. As soon as the ball reaches them. He hits fast shots with one hand. After which the ball goes away and falls. After posting the video of him playing cricket, his followers became active on Insta. His fans looked quite excited about the shot hit with one hand. So far 25,298 people have liked this video on Instagram.

Who is The Great Khali?

Dalip Singh Rana, born in Dhiraina village of Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh, is known as Khali. He is also recognized as an Indian professional wrestler, wrestling promoter and actor. He was born on 27 August 1972 in a Rajput family. He was named ‘The Great Khali’ after entering the wrestling world in WWE.

How much cake do you eat in a day?

You will be surprised to hear about Khali’s diet one day. His lunch includes 1 kg chicken, 10-12 rotis, a big bowl of dal, salad, 6 eggs and some amount of rice. At the same time, for dinner, we take 10 slices of sour bread, half a kilo of chicken, 5-6 eggs, salad and before sleeping, we take 1 liter of milk. Eggs and milk form a major part of Khali’s diet. They lay more than 20 eggs and drink more than 3 liters of milk in a day.

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