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Trending: The groom bought a cheap lehenga, the bride broke the marriage, then the matter reached the police station

weddings in india Wedding The season is on. Strange videos and shocking cases related to weddings are coming to the fore on social media. These days now Uttarakhand (Uttarakhand) A case of is getting a lot of headlines. It is being told that a bride refused to get married because the boys had given her a very cheap lehenga.

According to local reports, a girl from Haldwani was engaged. He was to be married on 5 November. The girl said that her lehenga should be unique. Despite this, the bride was enraged by the lehenga brought by the bridegroom. The bride alleges that the groom’s side has brought a lehenga worth only ten thousand rupees. She threw the cloak that she doesn’t like it. After this the groom said that he had specially ordered that lehenga from Lucknow. The tussle between the two increased so much that the matter reached the police station.

Police wanted to compromise

After several hours of sitting in the police station and heated argument, a settlement was reached between the two sides. Here the settlement meant that the marriage broke down. The police tried hard to bring about reconciliation between the bride and groom, but they could not succeed. The argument between the two sides is said to have taken place in the presence of two senior police officers. After this both the parties agreed that it is better for them to separate.

Groom’s father gave ATM

According to media reports, the girl’s marriage was fixed with a boy from Almora, who was a medical practitioner by profession. Both of them got engaged in June and were to get married on 5 November. All the preparations for the wedding were done. Not only this, the wedding cards were also printed and distributed. But when the bride saw the lehenga bought by the boys, she got angry and refused to marry. After this, the groom’s father also gave his ATM to the girl to buy the lehenga of her choice, but still it was of no use.

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