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There is a miraculous temple here in Kota, where the dream of students to get admission in IIT-NEET is fulfilled

Boys and girls (file photo)

Boys and girls (file photo)

It is said that those who believe in faith are never defeated. One such case has come to the fore from Kota city of Rajasthan. Where coaching students write their wishes on the walls of the temple and also claim that all their wishes come true. Students ask for their wishes in this way, like- they say, O God, my mind starts getting engaged in studies, admission in AIIMS, NEET pass in 2023 and many more keep coming to ask for their wishes.

The priests of the Radha Krishna temple in Talwandi area of ​​Rajasthan say that every day around 350 students come with their wishes. On the claim of the students, the priest told that all their wishes are also fulfilled. He said that this time around two lakh students have taken admission in coaching institutes in Kota.

The priest said that the walls of the temple are painted every two months as the wishes of the students fill the walls. The priest of the temple said that earlier the administration used to forbid writing on the walls. But seeing the wishes of some students being fulfilled, later the temple and the administration named it ‘Vishwas Deewar’.

Priest Kishan Bihari told that the process of asking for vows in the temple started from the year 2000. When some students came here with their wishes and wrote their wishes on the walls of the temple. After a few months the parents of two students came to the temple and donated money to fulfill their wishes. He said that the wishes of his children have been fulfilled. Since then this temple became popular among the students. Now students come here with their wishes.

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