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The Fortuner car was modified and put in the toilet, watching the video you will also say – the boy did amazing

Fortuner video: You must have seen many types of modifications in cars. People modify their vehicle’s lights, tyres, colours, engine, interior, sunroof and many other parts to make their vehicle look different and better than other vehicles. But today we are going to tell you about a Fortuner car of Toyota company. This is a car in which the toilet has been installed after modification.

About a year ago, a video of 3 minutes 45 seconds was uploaded on a YouTube channel named Revokid Vlogs. This video is about a black colored Fortuner car. A person is telling about the modification done in this car during the entire video. For 1 minute of the video, the young man is giving information about the general modification done in the car. But after 1 minute he shows the toilet built in the back seat of the car. A mobile toilet has been made in the third row of this car. It is similar to the toilet made in normal homes. The young man also tells in detail about this toilet in the video. He also shows up sitting in that toilet. The toilet has been installed in place of the last seat of the Fortuner car, due to which this vehicle has now become a 6 seater. From water to other facilities are being seen in this toilet built in the car. This video has been uploaded as Have you ever seen a Toyota FORTUNER with a Toilet.

Which cars have toilets?

People are very much liking this video uploaded on Revokid Vlogs channel. So far more than 4.5 lakh people have watched this video. It has been told in the description of the video that the modification work of this Toyota Fortuner has been done by OJES AUTOMOBILES. About 70 thousand rupees are spent in such modification. Buses and vanity vans generally have toilet facilities. But this is the first time that someone has installed a toilet in their Fortuner car. For information, let us tell you that this car is used for charity work. This toilet is designed for the convenience of children with disabilities.

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