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Modi government will also ban Chinese phones, mobile phones of these companies may be banned

Whenever it comes to buying cheap mobile phones, the name of smartphones comes first on the tongue. Smartphones of companies are in high demand in the Indian market. The biggest reason for this is smartphones with good features at a low price. But in the meantime, people buying Chinese phones can get a big setback.

The central government is working on promoting domestic mobile manufacturers in order to bring ’s increasingly weak domestic industry in a better position. According to the information received, the government is preparing to ban China’s mobile phone makers. Under this, the government will ban the smartphones of Chinese companies costing less than $ 150 i.e. 12 thousand. In fact, many Chinese companies take out their phones in the Indian market at a very low price, due to which the demand of domestic smartphone makers of decreases in the market and they have to suffer heavy losses. The government also suffers a lot in terms of revenue due to not adopting transparent attitude of Chinese companies. The government is coming up with rules to enable the domestic phone maker to compete with other companies.

These companies of China will have a direct impact

After this decision of the government, Indian mobile makers like Lava, Micromax, Karbonn will benefit a lot. Initially, these companies performed well in the market, but after the arrival of Chinese companies, these companies were badly affected. On the other hand, major Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo will get a big setback. Xiaomi is the largest company in the Indian market in terms of mobile survival.

These companies will not be affected

After this decision of the government to ban mobile phones costing less than 12 thousand, Samsung and Apple company will not be affected in any way. The reason is simple that both these companies do not provide phones for less than 12 thousand. It cannot be denied that there is a huge demand for Chinese products in every region of . For information, let us tell you that from time to time, Chinese apps and products have also been banned by the government. Many times raids have also been conducted on the hideouts of Chinese companies.

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