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Karnataka Viral Video: Manipal University professor compares student with terrorist Kasab, teacher suspended

Karnataka (Karnataka) a professor at Manipal University of (Professor) The institute has suspended him after he called a Muslim student a ‘terrorist’ during a class. social media now (Social Media) But the video of the debate between the professor and the student is going viral very fast. It is being told that this incident happened on Friday. In the viral video, the student is seen clashing with the professor. Actually, what happened is that first the professor asks a Muslim student his name. Later professor named him terrorist Ajmal Kasab caught alive in 26/11 Mumbai attack (Terrorist Ajmal Kasab) connects to. The university professor allegedly referred to the student as ‘Kasab’. The name of the student was something similar. At the same time, the student got angry on being called Kasab.

this video going viral (Viral Video) You can hear the student saying that 26/11 was not a joke. Being a Muslim in this country we have to face all these everyday. Sir you can’t joke about my religion. You cannot call me by the name of a terrorist. You can then hear the professor defending himself in the video. He said that the student is like his son. On this the student said no, no father says like that. This is not funny. After this the student further says that would you talk to your son like this. Would you call him a terrorist?

How can you say that to me in front of so many people in the whole class. This is a class, you are the professor and you are teaching us. And soon after that the professor apologized to the student. However, the student said on the professor’s apology that apology will not change your way of thinking. Explain that after the video went viral, MIT has suspended the professor and has now ordered an internal inquiry.

SP Kar, director of public relations, Manipal University, said that we condemn such incidents. Because we are an institution that believes in equal respect for all religions and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Appropriate action is underway on this issue. Counseling the student and the professor has been suspended. Ajmal Kasab, the only terrorist caught alive after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, was hanged in 2012.

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